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If you have suffered a work related injury, call today for a FREE consultation at 1-855-CzaiaLaw (292-4252).  Do not agree to sign any papers or talk about your concerns, injuries or damages with anyone except an attorney.  Also, do not let your doctor, hospital or the emergency room staff record any statement until after you speak with an attorney.

Protecting those hurt on the job.

Workers’ Compensation or Workers’ Comp, as it is often called, is a system that exists to protect you if you get hurt on the job or get sick as a result of your job. 

Depending on the type of work you do, there are a number of ways you can be hurt at work.  Fires and explosions, industrial accidents, lifting heavy items, malfunctioning machinery, slips and falls, unsafe environment and unsupervised work areas are just a few of the reasons an accident can happen. 

Most of the time recovery from a work related accident or illness is quick and uncomplicated. However, if your injury is serious you may run into problems when trying to get your benefits from your employer or the compensation system.

Czaia Law can help you navigate through the system and get your rightful Workers’ Compensation benefits including:

  • payment of your medical and hospitalization bills
  • temporary disability payments
  • severe injury disability
  • total disability benefits

Know your Rights:

  • Report work injuries immediately to your Employer. There is a time limit to make a claim for work injuries.
  • Do not sign a general medical release form.
  • Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster without consulting an attorney.
  • You are entitled to transportation to your medical appointments or to receive reimbursement for mileage.
  • If you don’t speak English, you are entitled to an interpreter.
  • Do not give the insurance adjuster or any medical provider a Social Security number that is not yours.  If you use a Social Security number to work that is not yours, it is fraud to use it to request medical care or lost wages, leave the space blank.
  • Be aware that the insurance carrier may have you under surveillance.

If you or a loved one has suffered a work related injury, call me today for a FREE consultation at 1-855-CzaiaLaw (292-4252).